Wedge Recovery Centers
Wedge Recovery Centers


Wedge Recovery Centers employs over 200 staff members who possess a variety of educational backgrounds and work-related experiences. Our culturally-diverse staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, originate from a multitude of communities, which include African-American, Caucasian, Filipino, Latino, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Chinese. Many of our employees are bilingual and speak a variety of languages including Spanish, Khmer, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Agency Leadership:

  1. Chief Executive Officer - Christopher Sweeney
  2. Chairman - Armand Magundayao
  3. President & Chief Medical Officer - Minda Magundayao, MD
  4. Chief Operating Officer - Jason McLaughlin
  5. Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance & Administration - Carlo Candalla
  6. Vice President, Clinical Service Delivery - Dr. Paula Coy
  7. Vice President, Administrative Services - Takisa Gallman
  8. Vice President, Compliance & Continuous Quality Improvement - Felix A. Perez
  9. Medical Director – Lloyd Alcera, MD
  10. Director of Marketing & Community Development - Walter Davis
  11. Director of Human Resources - Laurel Vnucak
  12. Director of Staff Relations - Joanne Palmer
  13. Director of Research & Analytics - Dr. Lawrence Schoen


  1. Site Directors
  2. Clinical Directors
  3. Program Coordinators
  4. Assistant Program Coordinators
  5. Support Staff Coordinators


  1. Staff Psychiatrists – Child and Adult
  2. Master’s Level Therapists
  3. Counselors
  4. Counselor Assistants
  5. Master’s Level Recovery Specialists
  6. Recovery Workers – Bachelor’s, Associates’, and non-degreed level
  7. Master’s Level Intake Specialists
  8. Certified Peer Specialists


  1. Case Managers
  2. Intake Care Managers
  3. Certified Peer Specialists
  4. Billing and Payroll Staff
  5. Support Staff/Receptionists
  6. File Clerks
  7. Maintenance and Transportation Staff