Wedge Recovery Centers
Wedge Recovery Centers


The Recovery & Education Center (REC) is a day program that combines Outpatient Mental Health Services and Psychiatric Rehabilitation with a personalized, individual approach. REC services are specialized to serve individuals who carry a diagnosis of a major mood disorder, a psychotic disorder and/or Borderline Personality Disorder. We provide people in recovery a safe space to redefine themselves. Our ultimate goal is to help a person understand that they are a valued and needed part of society. No person’s recovery journey is the same, therefore there is no standard timeframe on REC services. However, the program is designed so that a person will feel confident to graduate in less than two years.

Members of the REC program are from a variety of different backgrounds, but all share the same goal: Recovery. We have a vibrant, “family” atmosphere at REC. Our setting is comfortable and friendly.  In fact, members have designed and painted many of our walls so that everyone can feel at home.

Scheduling is choice-driven; members choose from the “menu” of services for the days, times, and activities that best fit their personal needs. The Older Adult Program is open on Saturdays, as well.

  1. Educational groups
    • Understanding your Mental Health
      Learning new skills
      Computer Instruction
  1. Peer Support
  1. Health, Wellness, and Faith-Based services
      Health and Self-Care Groups
      Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) groups
      Massage Therapy
      Equine Therapy
      Spirituality Consultation (with Reverend Otis Banks)
  1. Community-based Support and Learning
  2. Individual Therapy and Crisis Support
  3. Group Therapy
  4. Psychiatry (Medication Management)
  5. Co-occurring (Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol) Support
  6. Optional Older Adult Program

REC has oversight from a Peer Government Board, made up of current and past members of the program. This Board makes policies and implements changes in the program; our program is “owned” by the members. Our staff is made up of both Recovery Specialists (Therapists trained in supporting recovery) and Certified Peer Specialists (Persons-in-Recovery trained in supporting others in recovery). We focus on a person’s strengths, community and natural supports, cultural awareness, and evidence-based practices when working with a member.

Once a person completes the REC program they are welcome to transition to our Mental Health Outpatient program. If a person wishes to attend REC, they are able to do so right away; there is no waiting time for starting REC services.