Wedge Recovery Centers
Wedge Recovery Centers


The Executive Committee is a body of appointed members, consisting of the five upper-level administrators, who jointly oversee the activities of the Wedge Recovery Centers. The Executive Committee jointly makes all decisions regarding to operations of the Centers, including:

  1. Establishing policies and procedures.
  2. Selecting, appointing, supporting, and reviewing the performance of each manager and employee.
  3. Setting salaries, compensation, and benefits packages
  4. Ensuring the fiscal viability of the organization and its programs
  5. Planning initiatives for continued improvements
  6. Ensuring agency compliance with all Local, State, and Federal regulations

The Executive Committee is comprised of:

  1. Chief Executive Officer – Christopher Sweeney
  2. Chairman – Armand Magundayao
  3. President & Chief Medical Office – Dr. Minda Magundayao, MD
  4. Chief Operating Officer – Jason McLaughlin
  5. Vice President, Finance – Carlo Candalla

The Executive Committee can be contacted with concerns or suggestions via Jason McLaughlin or 215-276-3922